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Dokeos 1.8.5 Quick Reference Sheets – Take 2

October 26, 2008 1 comment

Here are some more of my reference sheets (one on plugins/tools development and one on security).



I think with that I cover all basic questions a new developer might have, except the system to install/upgrade a Dokeos install (changing SQL queries) and the way to actually query the database using the Database class. After that, some other sheet to explain how sessions work (and how to use them fully on the coding side) would be nice. This would make a set of 5 sheets that would explain almost all the intricacies of Dokeos… nice!

To avoid looking for the other post, here is a link to the first Quick Reference Guide.

(spanish version of this post )

Installing IE 6 and 7 under Ubuntu Hardy Heron – Python GTK error

October 25, 2008 Leave a comment

Although Tatanka’s page makes it easy enough to install IE6 & 7 under Ubuntu 8.04, you might fall upon a few problems when trying it if you don’t have a Python developer’s background ;-)

When trying to install, I got an obscure Python GTK error (which, sadly, I forgot to copy-paste at the time). Following only mi intuition like a true Jedi, I launched something like

apt-get install python-gtk2-dev

That installed a incredibly long list of libraries related to Python, but in the end I just launched the ./ie4linux script again and it all worked fine.

Note that to install IE7, you need to click on “Advanced” in the installer and select IE7 at the bottom of the little window.

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Dokeos Latinoamérica en charla en San Borja

October 24, 2008 3 comments

Mientras es un evento privado (organizado por Macro Editorial), mañana voy a dar una charla sobre Dokeos y los vendajes del e-learning en Perú adelante de 500 profesores y directores de colegios y universidades limeños.

El evento es la primera “Conferencia Internacional”, y de lo que veo voy a ser el ùnico elemento “internacional” del mismo. Divertido. Es en el Centro de Convenciones INICTEL.

Bueno, son todos clientes más o menos de Macro, y voy a presentar por 35 minutos, explicando a toda esta buena gente que es el e-learning y como empezar a usarlo en sus instituciones. Espero que todo se pasara bonito. Todo el mundo me esta dando su confianza ahí, como si siempre lo hacía bien…

Parece que no tienen un sitio web para el evento…

The item_property table

October 24, 2008 Leave a comment

I’ve been working for 4 years on the Dokeos code now, and that item_property table bugged me more than once. It’s a clunky, unclear table which holds pretty much all the visibility rights of all the resources in a course. It’s quite impractical to deal with visibility in itself, mostly because it only allows for a visible/invisible flag (which is insufficient for most finely-grained permissions systems), and because it holds a super long list of other attributes that you always have to set, and that are never used in the end. Or so I thought…

Well, I never realized that, actually, the “notifications” feature (the one showing an icon next to your course to tell you whether there is something new in this course) uses this table to get, easily, a list of the latest modifications in the course, over all items available. Well that’s a discovery, because in this case (I want to say “only”), it makes a lot of sense.

Food for thought in the future… Don’t criticize a table structure until you know it fully enough.

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Just another speech

October 24, 2008 1 comment

Tomorrow night I will be giving a speech about Dokeos and the e-learning in Peru to about 450 to 500 teachers and school directors. This is my biggest audience ever, and I must admit I’m a bit stressed (it’s like being a star, really… 500 people is almost an opera audience).

This will happen in San Borja (in Lima), at the “Centro de Convenciones INICTEL” at 4.30pm (my speech is at 6.05pm if I remember well).

The speech will be about a basic presentation (30 to 45 minutes) about what the e-learning can do for Peru, and in particular what *Dokeos* can do to enable people to integrate e-learning easily in their colleges, schools and universities.

Only 10 days since campus cleanup, and yet…

October 22, 2008 Leave a comment

I just checked the statistics quickly for the portal. We’ve cleaned up the portal completely on the 12th of October, and yet… we have already reached 1400 courses and 13000 users. is provided as a free service to host courses inside Dokeos, but without any implied guarantee, so we strongly recommend you keep a backup (you can do that in your course options) at least once a month.

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Migración de y problemas resueltos

October 21, 2008 Leave a comment

El Domingo 12 de Octubre hemos limpiado el Campus Libre ( como documentado en varios lugares, y indicado con mucha anticipación.

Varios problemitas ocurrieron tras esta migración, mayormente porque unos cambios de configuración muy específicos al campus no habían sido realizados.

Primero, unos docentes mencionaron que no era posible de subir archivos de backup de cursos. Por supuesto, sabiendo que el limite de subida de archivos había sido puesto a 2MB, se entiende que subir un archivo de backup de 20MB habría podido ser problemático. Esto fue resuelto el Martes pasado.

Segundo, otros docentes mencionaron que no era posible de subir archivos en los cursos. Hemos pensado bastante tiempo (una semana) que era problemas por el limite de tamaño de subida de archivos, pero era un problema de filtro sobre las extensiones. Una docente mencionó, por fin, el mensaje de error específico que retornaba el sistema, y desde ahí nos dimos cuenta de lo que era. El filtro funciona por whitelist, y ahora acabamos de agregar los documentos MS-Office y

Normalmente todo debería quedarse funcionando bien ahora…

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