BeezNest is a Belgian company that treats its clients seriously and strives to provide them with the best IT solutions to reach their goals, exclusively offering open-source solutions and helping them do with their closed solutions when necessary.

BeezNest is mainly known for two types of services:

  • The Chamilo LMS software development, installation, training, support and customizations (we are the main development provider for Chamilo and coordinate its development)
  • High-load web servers optimizations and high-availability & private cloud installations

If you are interested in either of these solutions, contact us directly (in English, Spanish or French) at sales@beeznest.com.

Since 2001, BeezNest has been growing steadily and has now a series of very successful customer stories to tell if you would like to hear them.

Our staff’s expertise is particularly focused in the free software IT solutions that give high productivity and high usability to their users.

Throughout our daily work, we meet a considerable amount of new challenges that we feel might be avoided by providing a good documentation and  method to find solutions. The intent of this blog is to help others and promote the activities of BeezNest by possibly making you want to do business with us.

In 2007, BeezNest started developing its Peruvian branch, BeezNest Latino, which you can find info about (in Spanish) on http://www.beeznest.com/es/. This new branch allow us to take over larger projects while still providing an excellent reactivity and an important contribution to free software projects, which we love doing.

This blog both serves as a general knowledge base for us and as a promotion platform for our open source solutions. If you’re looking for technical info on how to do anything under Linux or in standards-based web development, try our search box!

If you want to know more about us, as people, please visit the “About us” page on our main corporate website.

Have fun, don’t hesitate to ask questions and add comments to articles you feel might be wrong or unclear. You can also contact us at info  at  beeznest  dot  com

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