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Correo de lectores – Desarrollo de modelo de negocios

October 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Un lector nos escribe:

“Queria hacerte una pregunta sobre los modelos de comercializacion para el chamilo, ya que conozco una compañia de un amigo, que quiere distribuir chamilo pero no bajo la licencia GPL. Queria saber si la empresa BeezNest, tiene algun modelo de comercializacion alternativo para el Chamilo tipo open source, licencia BSD o alguno similar en donde el cliente pague una licencia por el uso del sistema y que el codigo fuente sea opcional entregarlo.”

Mi respuesta:

“Hola estimado,

Chamilo *no se puede* distribuir bajo ninguna otra licencia que GNU/GPLv3 o superior. Es una infracción legal tratar de hacerlo de otro
modo, así que te recomiendo sugieres a tu amigo verificar sus derechos según la licencia.

Por lo tanto, tratando de modificar este modelo, tu amigo se transformaría automáticamente en un enemigo del proyecto Chamilo, lo que dudo que quiera hacer. Si desea desarrollar un modelo de este tipo, deberá apuntar a soluciones no libres, tipo e-ducativa, Blackboard, Desire2Learn, e-Doceo, etc. No se puede obtener los beneficios de un producto de software libre (por ejemplo en este caso actuar de manera independiente) y al mismo tiempo los de un producto de software privativo (en este caso vender la licencia).

Queda terminadamente prohibido por la licencia. Eso es para el aviso importante (me hizo abrir los ojos bien grandes lo que leí).

De otro lado, el proyecto Chamilo es un proyecto de software libre radical: no acepta ninguna parte que no esté bajo licencia de software libre. Acepta la inclusión de otras licencias consideradas de software libre y compatibles con GNU/GPLv3 según la Free Software Foundation, pero su calidad surge de esta visión radical: la educación no puede estar frenada por asuntos comerciales!

Aun así, BeezNest basa su modelo de negocio sobre Chamilo gracias a la provisión de servicios de distintos niveles a sus clientes, los cuales
nunca impactan el proyecto software mismo de manera negativa:

* soporte
* instalación
* capacitación
* desarrollo (la totalidad de los útiles para el público se contribuye al proyecto)
* consultoría
* diseño e implementación de infraestructura

Y tu, que opinas? La parte legal es estricta, pero te parece que Chamilo es demasiado radical?

Social network in Dokeos to include RSS feeds

I just commited to the Dokeos SVN a little feature to allow for the inclusion of your RSS feed in your profile. This is a little guide on how to enable this (there’s no other guide available at this point and the interface will not suggest you to do something you don’t even know is possible in Dokeos).

First, get to the admin panel (as admin, obviously) and go to the profile link under the users section.



Once you get on the new screen, click “Add new field” and define a new text field of which the ID *must be* “rssfeeds” (plural)



Submit the form (leave the two last fields empty). Make sure you change the new field to “visible” and “Changeable”.


Now make sure the social tool is enabled. Return to the admin panel and go to the “Configuration settings” under the “Portal” section.


Click the “Tools” section and scroll right until the bottom of the page.


Enable the messaging and the social tools (you could enable just the social tool if you wanted but it is a whole lot more interesting with internal messaging).


Now save these settings changes and go to your profile page (using the profile tab)


Click the “Edit profile” link to edit your profile and enter your blog’s URL in the “RSS feeds” field.



Note that you can provide *more* than one feed if you want to: just separate them with the semi-column character (;), without spaces.

Now everything is configured, go to your “Shared profile” page. You will see that the feeds that you have added now appear at the bottom of the central column. There is currently a fixed limit at 5 posts per feed.

Development notes:

This integration was highly simplified by the Magpie RSS reader, a GPL library written in PHP that allows reading RSS and Atom formats and parsing the results into a simple PHP array.

There is an included caching mechanism (which stores cached pages into the archive/ directory) that refreshes pages only every 60 minutes (see

GPL Violations

July 13, 2009 1 comment

I received an e-mail from someone at the group, regarding an inquiry I made about a company that might be infringing GPL with an unproper use of Dokeos. Basically they’re telling me I should investigate the case with people that have previous knowledge of GPL violations case in a country where the company is established (for example the US in this case).

Well, it’s all very interesting, but then I sent the inquiry about a year ago… yup… one year. It kind of makes me feel like very up-to-date with my e-mails (my oldest non-replied-to e-mail dates 7 months back and is really not important). I also kind of defeats the idea of electronical mail being faster and more practical. “Oh well…”, as would my friend Lorenzo say. Hi Lo!

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IconFinder – It's all about finding a good icon for your app

January 13, 2009 1 comment

When developing GPL applications, we are constantly faced with the problem of having to find usable icons that do not infringe the license… Julio recently posted an article on our Spanish blog to talk about IconFinder, a great website to do just that.

IconFinder – Buscador de iconos con licencia GPL

January 13, 2009 3 comments

Iconfinder es un excelente buscador de íconos para nuestras aplicaciones web.

Con este buscador podemos:

  • Ver la licencia GPL, LGPL, o CC de la imagen a utilizar.
  • Visitar  la página web del creador del ícono.
  • Filtrar la búsqueda por tamaño: 12×12, 16×16… 128×128
  • Y escoger el background de la imagen (blanco/negro)

Es un buen sitio que vale la pena revisar cuando estamos desarrollando una nueva funcionalidad o módulo de nuestra aplicación web.


Is respecting GPL too complicated?

September 30, 2008 1 comment

I’ve had a bunch of hunches recently about companies abusing the licensing terms of Dokeos by officially declaring (but only verbally so far) that their product (being Dokeos, but not officially) is not open-source software.

The GPL licensing makes it clear that the software derived from GPL software, or any alteration to a GPL software *must* be open-sourced, at least for the people it is distributed to. While I’m slowly starting to plan a series of legal actions, this is something I sometimes add to the bottom of my e-mails:

I’d like to take the opportunity to remind you that you are free to use the software, but that any alteration that you would redistribute needs to be made available to the people you distribute it to, and any application you would embed Dokeos into needs to be open-sourced as well. This is about the only restriction that applies to our software
but we are very strongly watching that everybody respects that. Of course, we welcome external contributions and will almost always integrate it into the main distribution, avoiding additional update costs in the long run.

It’s very sad to me to see that, with the amount of efforts we put into this software, some people still find ways to not respect the rules and selfishly profit from something that has been passed on to them along with responsibilities… This is clearly stealing intellectual property.

While I understand that some companies might have problems in their business plans with respecting the GPL (because they develop their own software and don’t want the source to be available to third parties), the rules of GPL are simple: either use it and comply to open-sourcing your code, or do not use it in the first place!

PHP library for operations on polygons, in GPL

September 7, 2008 Leave a comment

We’ve been looking for something like this for a week now, and someone just sent me a link (after I asked for something like this on the php-general mailing-list).

I just wish they would have sent me that link a few days earlier… (but am happy they didn’t do that a few days later).

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Biblioteca de funciones para calculos sobre poligonos, en GPL

September 6, 2008 Leave a comment
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PHP library for operations on polygons, in GPL

September 6, 2008 Leave a comment

We’ve been looking for something like this for a week now, and someone just sent me a link (after I asked for something like this on the php-general mailing-list).

I just wish they would have sent me that link a few days earlier… (but am happy they didn’t do that a few days later).

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