What we do

Most customers have trouble understanding why we take time to provide quotes. So yes, we’re a startup, and startup means that we are still improving our business model following the biggest needs of our customers and community. This is all good (for you and for us), but it might help to consider how varied our tasks are and why each and every proposal we send is custom-made.

In the intent to help you, our future customer, understand why your case is specific an we can rarely find another exact same case, here is a list of the types of quotes we generally give our customers. All of these can be provide interchangeably in French, Spanish or English in all of Europe and Latin America and Caribe (with recent opening to Africa, Australia and the US, still to be confirmed).

There are 5 main categories of services that we provide, which is the division we will use below.

Technology consulting services

  • Free software and open source applications consulting
  • Web applications optimization consulting
  • Web development consulting
  • e-learning projects consulting
  • Technical infrastructure consulting
  • Seldom: Basic web app security review

Software Development services

  • Developing a new feature in Chamilo
  • Developing a new visual style in Chamilo
  • Developing a new feature in any PHP-based open source application
  • Developing a website
  • Connecting two web applications so they can communicate together and users can move from one to another seamlessly
  • Retaking Chamilo developments that were abandonned by the previous developers
  • Retaking Drupal developments that were abandonned by the previous developers

Technical Training services

  • Chamilo teacher training (personal, corporate and online, basic, intermediate and advanced)
  • Chamilo admin training
  • Chamilo developer training
  • PHP development
  • Web servers optimization
  • Database optimization
  • Chamilo certification exams (teachers and admins)

Hosting services

  • Chamilo LMS hosting for teachers (chamihost)
  • Chamilo LMS hosting for SMEs (Chamilo Light)
  • Chamilo LMS hosting for larger companies (up to 580,000 users)
  • Drupal hosting (for sites of up to 200,000 pages viewed per day)
  • Other hosting services (videoconference, files conversion systems, mail servers, project management systems, etc)

Infrastructure/sysadmin services

  • Servers monitoring (long time periods)
  • Servers monitoring (specific events)
  • Security watch
  • Servers security updates
  • Servers maintenance
  • Servers optimization (disk usage, memory usage, network usage, etc)
  • Services installation
  • Redundant web, databases and reverse proxies
  • High availability setups (up to 9 servers so far)

Other services

  • Online reseller [https://shop.beeznest.com]
  • Questions bank digitation (up to 25,000 questions)
  • E-learning courses design
  • E-learning events organization
  • E-learning events keynotes
  1. Pedro Castillo
    April 29, 2013 at 1:32 am

    necesito ayuda urgente porfavor alguien que me ayude miren al querer agregar la descripcion a un curso no puedo y me sale lo sgt :
    Error interno del servidor

    El servidor encontró un error interno o mala y no pudo completar su solicitud.

    Por favor, póngase en contacto con el administrador del servidor, [sin dirección determinada] y les informará de la hora se produjo el error, y cualquier cosa que podría haber hecho que pudo haber causado el error.

    Más información acerca de este error puede estar disponible en el registro de errores del servidor.

    ojala me puedan ayudar gracias

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