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Monitoring Tomcat with Munin on Debian GNU/Linux

June 20, 2013 Leave a comment

To monitor Tomcat with Munin 2.0 on Debian GNU/Linux (tested on Debian Squeeze with Tomcat6 and Debian Backports), you need the following steps.

First, you need to install package tomcat6-admin which enables the Tomcat Manager app we will be using.

# apt-get install tomcat6-admin

Next, create a user with a manager role in Tomcat, editing /etc/tomcat6/tomcat-users.xml and adding the following two lines in the appropriate list.

<role rolename=”manager”/>
<user username=”munin” password=”Munin” roles=”manager”/>

Restart Tomcat to reread its configuration and enable the newly-installed Tomcat Manager app.

# service tomcat6 restart

Configure the Munin tomcat_* plugins adding a file /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d/tomcat with the following content:

  env.port 8080
  env.user munin
  env.password Munin

Enable the tomcat_* plugins:

# cd /etc/munin/plugins/; ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/tomcat_* .

Restart Munin node:

# service munin-node restart


More free software and open source good news from Europe

October 16, 2012 Leave a comment

On the line of my latest post about Linagora, a European data researcher recently published the results of a study concluding in that the European Community is saving 450 billion euros per year thanks to Open Source software.

In the same orientation, the APRIL (French Association for digital freedom) published a study reporting the substantial savings of the French Government thanks to Open Source and Free Software.

These are all good news that have taken too many years and financial crisis to come, but let’s rejoyce in their presence at this point.

Congratulations to Linagora for a 15M€ contract with French Ministry

October 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Linagora won a call for tender with the French Ministry of Finances for around 15 millions €, covering the maintenance and development for 260 different pieces of software! Congrats. Let’s hope Chamilo gets included too :-)

See the original article on Le Journal du Net, in French, here:

Macro-scale benefits of e-learning on free software

July 26, 2012 1 comment

There are many advantages of e-learning. Some of them are obvious to people who barely entered the education with technology world:

  • Increased availability of learning content in time
  • Increased availability of learning content in space
  • Increased capacity to maintain and improve learning content
  • Lower logistical costs than physical, in-class teaching
  • Increased reach (due to not binding it to a physical place)

Providing or using e-learning with free software provides the following additional benefits:

  • Ability to modify the application to your needs
  • Ability to scale (up and out) without increasing licensing costs
  • Ability to develop the local business by directing critical financial resources (otherwise spent in foreign licensing) to local manpower, developing both skills and wealth locally, even in rural areas
  • Ability to avoid technology lock-up as data is and remains in your posession
  • Ability to replicate the improvements or other modifications you have made and make other institutions benefit
  • Ability to translate to any language (having a learning tool localized is very important for minorities)

All this is good, but when talking about macro-scale (a region, a country or the world), e-learning on free software provides you with incredible advantages which could really improve the way every person lives

  • Ability to share knowledge and learning efforts cross-borders, which will increase understanding and thus reduce conflicts (free software will enable you to customize this knowledge sharing to what local communities really need)
  • Ability to share resources, making it possible for experts to be virtual hosts in other organizations, spreading their knowledge
  • Ability to evaluate massive amounts of learners, fast (and improve the educational system as a whole, instantly) and without fear of other parties controlling those results to whatever ends they might plan
  • Ability to reduce centralization and develop all sub-parts of a specific geographical territory (even with only partial internet connectivity), through light optimizations taken in charge by the same people who face these challenges
  • Ability to improve the role of teachers, making them re-take their role of leaders, showing the way instead of running after the clock to finish correcting their students’ assignments

There are many reasons why everyone should suggest the use of e-learning using free software, and these are the reasons why this is my expertise. I really believe in making the world a better place by using it. With Chamilo, we are already helping more than one million people around the world to get a better education at a lower cost and with control over their resources. Help us do the same, tell your institution (company, school, government) about Chamilo and try it!

Fixes for Gallery 2 French translation in module ‘core’

August 29, 2009 Leave a comment

After years using G2, I finally fixed the fr.po for core module and submitted it to latest registered French translator of Gallery2 several weeks again. After review, he encoded the following tracker on for everybody to benefit from it, even if no G2 update is ever published again:

As G2 is using gettext, updating it it fairly easy.


Free Software Projects

September 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Here is a non-exhaustive (73 so far) list of some Free Software projects which we contributed [1] to:

  • apt-proxy
  • Asterisk
  • Auto Nice Daemon (AND)
  • AWstats
  • Bacula
  • BNPanel
  • Cedar Backup
  • Chamilo
  • Claroline
  • COnfigurator for GNOME (COG)
  • Crystal Space
  • DCL
  • Debian / Debian Education / Debian-Edu
  • Debian-Installer
  • Dokeos
  • Dolibarr
  • dotProject
  • Drupal [1][2][3][4]
  • Etherboot
  • Evolution
  • Evolution mail template plugin
  • EXACT (POP- and IMAP-before-SMTP daemon)
  • FreeCiv
  • FreeNAS
  • FreeRADIUS
  • Fwanalog
  • Galeon
  • Glasnost
  • Gnoppix
  • InitNG
  • IPblocker
  • ISPConfig
  • Knoppix
  • LAM
  • Librassoc
  • LibSSH extension for PHP
  • LTSP
  • MnoGoSearch
  • Netatalk
  • Netsaint/Nagios
  • Ntop
  • NVU
  • Open ERP
  • OpenC2C
  • p910nd
  • Pancho Project
  • Pessulus
  • PhpCompta
  • PHPiCalendar
  • phpLangEditor (Firefox extension)
  • PhpLdapAdmin
  • Plume
  • PostgreSQL
  • qemu
  • Replicator
  • SER
  • Sip Express Router (SER)
  • Swocket
  • THT
  • Tulip (Editor written in PHP-GTK)
  • Ubuntu
  • UmiGumi / DLS
  • Webalizer
  • Webcalendar
  • Widelands
  • XAMS
  • Zebra / Quagga
  • Xapian

See also our BeezNest’s Free Software Specialities.

[1] code, documentation or suggestions which have been applied

This article was first written in January 2006 for the BeezNest technical
website (

BeezNest’s Free Software Specialities

We have extensive knowledge in the following Free Software (in no particular order):

We have experience in running those (and more) on many hardware platforms, like:

  • Digital Alpha
  • (Ultra-)Sparc
  • PowerPC (Mac and IBM)
  • AMD64
  • ARM (iPaq)
  • MIPS
  • Motorola 68k (Mac and Sun)

We have as well experience in setting up free building environments, distributed or not, for many different programming languages.

This article was first written in July 2005 for the BeezNest technical website (
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