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Dokeos despegando con la versión 1.8.5?

June 27, 2008 2 comments

Tenemos más y más pedidas para informaciones sobre las soluciones de Dokeos desde que hemos salido la versión 1.8.5. Parece que esta versión tiene mucho que darles, y estamos satisfechos de ver que los esfuerzos de 18 meses desde la primera versión de Dokeos 1.8, y de 24 meses desde la última versión de Dokeos 1.6 esta finalmente brindando retornos positivos, sino ultra-positivos.

En Europa, empezamos trabajando con mega-corporativas y empresas largas, que nos dan su confianza para ayudarles a proveer cursos de una forma muy eficiente. Ahora estamos llegando a un rítmo de más de 4 nuevos clientes mensuales para soluciones completas (Dokeos + Oogie + Videoconferencia).

La semana que viene estaremos instalando la herramienta de video-conferencia en San Isidro, más visitando 3 clientes que nos han pedido demos de nuestra solución.

El servicio de instalación de Dokeos no solo les brinda tranquilidad, sino que les provee con un servidor que estamos capaz de arreglar muy rapidamente si tienen cualquier tipo de problema, y incluímos 10 horas de soporte en cada contrato, para que tengan tranquilidad por un año completo.

Como parece que los gustos de America Latina son diferentes de los de Europa, hemos revizado nuestra oferta para empujar las instalaciones locales, por sus servidores, en su empreza o colegio. Aunque pidemos que el servidor sea Debian o Ubuntu (funciona bajo otros sistemas pero esos son los que nos brindan más seguridad, celeridad y estabilidad), estamos ahí si aparece algún tipo de problema, y les ayudamos para entender el sistema Linux.

Un servidor completo instalado por nosotros es un servidor que no necesita ninguna intervencion por años.

Dokeos se puede comprobar por y dentro de poco estaremos actualizando nuestro mega-portal (más de 180.000 usuarios y creciendo)

Nos quedamos en Miraflores, Lima, y si nos quieren contactar, por favor revisa la pestaña “Sobre nosotros”.


Improved SCORM content migration from 1.6.5 to 1.8.6

I’ve had to review the SCORM content migration from 1.6 to 1.8 just today, and really, this is not something I’m enjoying. The complexity of migrating the old structure is enormous due to the lack of structure we had in 1.6, that lead many to launch a SCORM content through a simple link, rather than importing the SCORM content through the SCORM tool (yes, 1.6 allowed that and no, we are not going to allow this again because it makes a mess of the internal structure).

So basically, what have I done?

First, I made sure the links from the course introductions *and* the course links were both treated as possible sources of learning paths. There was something checking those links before, but they were only treated if there was a corresponding correctly-added learning path in the tool.

Second, I realised that, when checking if one of these links really pointed to a SCORM file, I didn’t actually take into account the fact that the old repository was placed, for the time of the migration, into another directory. So I was checking into the receiving courses directory (which at this point of the migration process is still empty) for a file that was in the old courses directory. This, of course, prevented the migration of such SCORM contents to be succesful. This has now been fixed.

These change comes a bit later than the official 1.8.5 stable release, so you won’t benefit from them if you download a stable version from the website now. However, you can still download the file and apply it on the main/install/ directory of the 1.8.5 package *before* you upgrade from 1.6.5 to 1.8.5.

Et voilà, I hope this helps the million of people out there still having held on before migrating from 1.6 to 1.8.

While doing all this, I also realised that some of the courses tools were not correctly moved from the Production section to the Interaction section, but I didn’t find how to fix it. The SQL query is there, it is apparently not working. This is just a matter of executing a little script afterwards though, or updating the database (I’ve seen the problem for the forum and the announcements tools).

You can fix it (in every course database) by issuing:

mysql> update tool set category=’interaction’ where name = ‘announcement’;

You can check out the script itself by clicking the “download” link in our subversion repository

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First annoying bug in 1.8.5: learning path theme feature

Yes, we have our first annoying bug in Dokeos 1.8.5. It has a very restricted scope, and only happens once you voluntarily activate a new function, but it is there…

When you *upgrade* your portal from anything to a 1.8.5, there is a missing bit of SQL in the upgrade process that mean you will not have a column called “theme” inside your courses’ lp tables.

First, let me tell you that you can fix it pretty easily before upgrading, by adding this line to the end of main/install/migrate-db-1.8.4-1.8.5.pre.sql:

ALTER TABLE lp ADD theme varchar(255) not null default ”;

And the conditions to reproduce the bug are these:

  1. upgrade to 1.8.5 (the bug doesn’t appear on fresh installs)
  2. in a course that existed before the upgrade, go to the course settings
  3. activate the option to set a CSS theme by learning path
  4. go to the learning paths page
  5. edit a learning path’s properties by clicking the pencil icon
  6. change the theme used for this learning path
  7. click ok

That will display a horrible SQL error (that is, if you left your PHP settings on display_errors=on) that will tell you that the field “theme” does not exist in that table.

You can fix it by manually updating the database (using the field definition above) or writing a script that will update all courses databases to add the field. The writing of this script is left to the reader as an exercise ;-)

No security flaw so far…

It might seem kind of weird to mention it, but I had somewhat of a big scare when Secunia sent us an e-mail entitled “Security Patches in Dokeos 1.8.5”. If my fears had been right, it would have meant that we would have needed to re-package 1.8.5 only two days after the official release. Not something I would have liked to do…

However, it was just a basic “request for information” e-mail asking what security improvements had been added to Dokeos 1.8.5 as we mentioned so in our changelog.

The answer is that we integrated Dokeos 1.8.4 SP1, SP2 and SP3, as well as improved input filtering all over (more than anything in the survey and forum tools).

So we still have a robust 1.8.5, which makes me very happy.

Dokeos 1.8.5 released!

Dokeos 1.8.5 has been released, after a long 8 months development! Check it out on

There’s a lot to say, so I won’t comment about the release itself in this post. You can find out more about this release and what it brings you on the official website, by following the link on the right panel.

We are sorry to have kept you waiting for so long for a new version, but we’re sure you’ll understand why when using it!

CSS changes in Dokeos 1.8.5

For the ones of you who are using their own CSS, there are a few changes that have appeared in Dokeos 1.8.5 that might affect you…

First of all, we have removed the “default” style (in the Dokeos package, that is, so it won’t affect you if you are migrating from a 1.8.x). This might affect you if you are upgrading from a 1.6.5, as the upgrade doesn’t handle the preservation of the “default” style, so you first need to copy your “default” style directory over from your old installation, then go into the admin page and change it to the current default, which is “public admin”.

Second, we have added a header and a footer element (look for “corner” in the default.css file) to allow you to style the header a little bit more.

Third, we have fixed the fact that the CSS sheets from the learning path tool were inside the newscorm/ directory. They are now back to the css/[your style]/ directory, which will allow you to finetune them as well.

Fourth, we have *fixed* (I’m hesitating there) the problem of the learning path tool not allowing
the header to be resized (a large header would make the top frame disappear). We know we shouldn’t be using frames, and we tried hard no to, but still, SCORM kinds of blocks you from not using them. So yes, we *fixed* it by removing the top frame, as the Dokeos header just didn’t make sense in this context (it was reducing the view of the actual content which is what everybody wants to see).

Finally, there is now an option to upload new CSS stylesheets directly from the web interface, so you won’t even need to upload your files via FTP anymore. This being said, you need to change the permissions on the main/css directory first, otherwise it won’t let you.

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Dokeos 1.8.5 released… kind of!

It’s still a bit premature because we’d like to try it out a few times more before officially announcing it on the website, so if you want to help, feel free to download your version from here:

In a few hours from now we will make the official announcement, so the official release date will be the 12th of June anyway.

If you happen to witness some wierd thing in the install or upgrade procedure, please, let me know as soon as possible!

Otherwise, just enjoy the ride. Dokeos 1.8.5 is concrete-stable, and this is a stability we will now be able to build on for the next version.

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