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Dokeos 1.8.5 and FCKeditor

A bunch of Dokeos users have reported problems with FCKeditor in Dokeos 1.8.5.

The first one is with the creation of links in Firefox 3 (somehow the JavaScript was wrong there). This one has already been fixed in preparation of the next version of Dokeos.

The other ones are all related to the management of special resources (flv, sounds, swf) which seem to be a little bit less reliable than in Dokeos 1.8.4.

Be reassured that we are working on this right now. Julio is in charge of upgrading FCKeditor to the latest stable version and re-applying our customisations, so the next version of Dokeos (which might be just a bug-fixes release to come soon) will fix all that.


First annoying bug in 1.8.5: learning path theme feature

Yes, we have our first annoying bug in Dokeos 1.8.5. It has a very restricted scope, and only happens once you voluntarily activate a new function, but it is there…

When you *upgrade* your portal from anything to a 1.8.5, there is a missing bit of SQL in the upgrade process that mean you will not have a column called “theme” inside your courses’ lp tables.

First, let me tell you that you can fix it pretty easily before upgrading, by adding this line to the end of main/install/migrate-db-1.8.4-1.8.5.pre.sql:

ALTER TABLE lp ADD theme varchar(255) not null default ”;

And the conditions to reproduce the bug are these:

  1. upgrade to 1.8.5 (the bug doesn’t appear on fresh installs)
  2. in a course that existed before the upgrade, go to the course settings
  3. activate the option to set a CSS theme by learning path
  4. go to the learning paths page
  5. edit a learning path’s properties by clicking the pencil icon
  6. change the theme used for this learning path
  7. click ok

That will display a horrible SQL error (that is, if you left your PHP settings on display_errors=on) that will tell you that the field “theme” does not exist in that table.

You can fix it by manually updating the database (using the field definition above) or writing a script that will update all courses databases to add the field. The writing of this script is left to the reader as an exercise ;-)

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