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Chamilo P@rty 2010, a success

The 7th of July of 2010 will definitely be a date to remember for the Latin American community of Chamilo.

Chamilo P@rty only lasted 2h30, yet we had time to

  • discuss open-source tools to manage the education process (by Yannick Warnier, Director, BeezNest) [slides]
  • present the challenges we face everyday in e-learning (by Sergio Correa, Director, NO2) [slides]
  • explain the Chamilo association and the development projects for 1.8 (Yannick Warnier) [slides]
  • present the new tools in Chamilo 1.8.7 (by Carlos Vargas, independent)
  • explain the development and usage of the Drupal – Chamilo module (by Fernando P. García, Drupal Association) [slides]

The context of the Expoelearning event, mostly oriented to businesses and private institutions, gave us a great environment and allowed us to meet a lot of corporate representatives, a type of users or potential users that we generally fail to get interested into our software.

BeezNest Latino represented the Chamilo Association (through its secretary) and the Chamilo community of Peru throughout the event with 6 staff members helping all visitors to find relevant information about Chamilo.

The event resulted in an increase in 10% of the website visits and a lot of inquiries about Chamilo.

You can check more pictures of the event on Picasa. Finally, for the Spanish speakers among you, we managed to record one hour of video about the new features in Chamilo 1.8.7.

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