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Installing OpenERP 5 from Bazaar

This installation procedure is valid for the development version of OpenERP 5.0.0 (December 2008)

$> mkdir ~/openerp/unstable/5.0 -p
$> cd ~/openerp/unstable/5.0
$> bzr clone lp:~openerp/openobject-server/trunk server
$> bzr clone lp:~openerp/openobject-client/trunk client
$> bzr clone lp:~openerp/openobject-addons/trunk addons
$> bzr clone lp:~openerp/openobject-client-web/trunk client-web
$> cd server/bin/addons
$> ln -s ../../../addons/* .

Starting the server can then be done like this:

cd ..
./tinyerp-server.py –db_port=5432

…or any other database name (–database=…) and port

  1. February 14, 2010 at 6:02 pm

    I used the information in this post to check out and use openERP but right now there’s a better way.

    bzr branch lp:openerp
    cd openerp
    ./bzr_set.py -v trunk

    (you can replace trunk with another version such as 5)

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