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Dokeos in Machu Picchu

As I was in Cusco the other week to hold a few speeches at a 3 days conference, I took the opportunity to go to Machu Picchu. This time, I managed to walk to the Intipunku (la Puerta del Sol, The Sun Gate) and take a picture from there, wearing my wonderful – but old now – Dokeos t-shirt from the 2005 User’s Day. It’s time someone offers me a new one, really :-)

Dokeos Machu Picchu

Dokeos Machu Picchu

And for those who think I look nuts… try doing a one-day-return trip to Machu Picchu and find the time, after the guided tour, to climb the 45 minutes stairs to Intipunku under a burning sun, and then we’ll talk!

Yes, sorry, I’m hiding half of it (in my defense, it was really though seeing it on the little camera screen with the bright sun beating down on me).

Here’s a better view

Machu Picchu from below the Guard Tower

Machu Picchu from below the Guard Tower

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