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Flash 10 Beta 2 for Linux will support V4L2

Wow… this is great news for us.

For Dokeos, this means that we will now be able to use the video recording of our little webcams directly from Linux. This is probably the great news of the day…

2008-10-11 update

I’m just finishing an hour of testing here. I have two webcams, one integrated in my laptop (Mac Book Pro) and one as a separate, USB webcam (Philips ToUCam 740, a common and good model), and none of them work. The iSight itself is recognized by the Flash plugin, but as soon as I accept to use it, the browser crashes…

I have reported the problem with the ToUCam 740 on the developer’s blog (like many people do) and proposed my assistance in testing it, but as usual, no reply, nothing. It’s been a few weeks now since I posted the report, and obviously other people had the same problem with the same webcams (the iSight problem was reported about 3 times).

Anyway, I just wanted to report that maybe I had placed my hopes a little too high on this new Flash player version…

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