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No security flaw so far…

It might seem kind of weird to mention it, but I had somewhat of a big scare when Secunia sent us an e-mail entitled “Security Patches in Dokeos 1.8.5”. If my fears had been right, it would have meant that we would have needed to re-package 1.8.5 only two days after the official release. Not something I would have liked to do…

However, it was just a basic “request for information” e-mail asking what security improvements had been added to Dokeos 1.8.5 as we mentioned so in our changelog.

The answer is that we integrated Dokeos 1.8.4 SP1, SP2 and SP3, as well as improved input filtering all over (more than anything in the survey and forum tools).

So we still have a robust 1.8.5, which makes me very happy.

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