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Athlon Powersavings on Debian

This article was first written in January 2005 for the BeezNest technical
website (http://glasnost.beeznest.org/articles/199).

On 2.4 kernels on Debian, there is a driver that enables better powersavings for AMD760MP and AMD-760MPX (usually found on multi-processors mainboards such as Tyan S2460, S2462 and S2469) chipsets: amd76x_pm. It also exists as patch for the 2.6 kernel, but as it is non-standard, it is not included in Debian kernels packages.

To use it, simply add the following line to the end of your /etc/modules



To load it without rebooting, simply type the following command as root:

# modprobe amd76x_pm

Warning: Doing this on a Tyan S2469 running Debian Sarge with kernel 2.4.27-1-k7-smp will result in hanging the machine!

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